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Water Treatment Plants

We bring forth for you a sturdy range of water treatment plant which is chemical free and non-biological. Our robust constructed water treatment plant is very clean; noiseless that can reduce turbidity, suspended solids, odor and bacterial count. Water treatment plant manufactured by us is widely appreciated and demanded due to its environment and user friendliness. We are considered as well recognized water treatment plants manufacturer in India. With immense of expertise, we are able to cater the requirements diverse industrial customers of all over India. The company is known as a prominent manufacturer of water treatment plant who introduce you precision engineered range at market leading prices. These are fabricated by our in-house experienced technocrats and engineers. We have got a lot of appreciation for its durability, high quality, and robust construction. We have earned expertise in manufacturing different kinds of water treatment plant which is widely acknowledged by the nationwide customers.

Alcos Engineering & Technology up flow/Down-flow water treatment plant are based on principles involving exchange of ions, are manually operated and are designed to suit all kinds of industries. Alcos plant employ the latest technology of counter flow system for regeneration. The unit produces treated water as per requirement through out the cycle. In the Alcos softening cycle, calcium and magnesium ions which are responsible for causing hardness are replaced by sodium ions. After a certain quantity of water passes through the resin bed, the resin gets exhausted and demanding regeneration. Regenration is effected by injecting sodium chloride to convert the resin back to Na+form..

Types of Water Treatment Plants

  • Softening plants
  • De-mineralize Plants
  • Mix-Bed Plants/Units
  • De-Alkanizer Plants
  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Air Pollution Control Devices
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • R.O. Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant


  • Eliminates scaling of costly equipment like boilers and heat-exchanger's and enhances their life.
  • Improves efficiency of costly equipment.
  • Reduces downtime losses.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Low regeneration cost.
  • Consistent treated water quality.
  • Uniform distribution of water by unique mechanism.
  • Available in different standard models to take care of a wide range of hardness for different capacities.
De-Mineralize Plant
In this process there are two columns having strong acid cation(Exchanger) Resin with (H+) charged & second the shell has Strong Base Anion (Exchanger)Resin (OH-) charged. The raw water laden with dissolved solids, normally represented as total cations & anions is passed through Strong Acid Cation Exchanger, which replaces all the cat ion by its charge of H+. Thereafter this de-cationized water is passed through Strong Base Anion Exchanger, which replaces its all anions by its charge OH-.and get demineralize water in output.

Water Treatment Plant



1. The raw water should be free from heavy chlorine, metals,turbidity,organic matter, oil and available at ambient temperature.

2. Output per regeneration will vary with input water quality.

3. Any additional requirement of instruments such as flow indicator, pressure gauge, level indicator etc. can be available optionally on request on extra cost.